10 Best Ways To Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal In-Home or Office

WiFi is the best mode of connecting to the internet service through the wireless medium. Many people tend to utilize the WiFi in their homes, office or the business so as to have an active internet connection. Meanwhile, there can be issues generating and causing the Wi-Fi signal loss and a decrease in connection strength. To tackle those issues the users might be really confused. We decided to work on the boosting of Wi-Fi signal whether it is being used at home, office or at any business place. As a result, we are here with the 10 best ways that the users can make use of so as to boost the Wi-Fi signal. Don’t miss those amazing ways that you can use for boosting the network signal strength and hence enjoy the flawless internet.

Latest & Finest WiFi technologies

Wireless A, B, and G are old and slow technologies for the routers or the Wi-Fi while wireless N that is the newest technology will give you the fastest speeds. Requirements include both a wireless N router and a wireless N card in your PC so as to get this newest technology running and even getting the highest internet speeds.

WiFi Router Placement that Matters

It is true that the placement of your router defines the value of the strength for the signal that will flow on the rather directions. Make sure that you place the router in the middle of your work area, house, business, etc. By doing so you make sure that where ever you move on within the range of the router you shall get the best internet speeds.

Unique Channel Selection

Chanel is the frequency or the level at which the router works and emits the signals. If you are having multiple routers nearby to yours then this is probable that there can be interference with the channels of others routers. To prevent those try to set the channel of your router to be different than all the others available around.

Appliances & Metals Objects Block the Network

Do not place the metal objects and the appliances near to the wifi router and remember to take this direction seriously. The reason is that the appliances and the metal objects block the signals from the router and hence destroy the internet speed and connection. Try to find the spot for router high than the normal levels and this can greatly prevent the appliances and the metal objects.

Check and Hack Proof your Wi-Fi

Hackers are just everywhere and anyone can wish to hack your high-speed internet connections. You might not be aware that if your router device or the network is hacked or not, the best thing is to find it up. There are several tools and software available on the internet through which it can be confirmed whether your wifi is not hacked. You can even apply the security techniques so as to protect your network from the hackers. Don’t let the people utilize the speeds you pay for!

DD-WRT Software Installation on your Router

This is an open source software for the routers that tend to increase the feature sets from what is normally provided. Try to install this software and find if you will get the best performance boost!

Extend the Wi-Fi Range

There are several DIY tricks on the internet that all ensure to give you the extended wifi range. Try these tricks to simply get some more steps ahead of the range. Never trust so much on these DIY tricks yet you can more possibly grow your router’s range in no time and money! We would love to know in the comments box whether if you have got any trick in your favor to increase the Wi-Fi range.

Repeater Devices for Wi-Fi Router

Repeater modules are the supporting devices for the router that captures the signal from the router and then enhance and spread that same signal further. These devices are totally functional and you are guaranteed to get more range and area for your Wi-Fi signal. It depends on your needs for how far you wish to spread the network through using the repeaters and you will get the results.

Updated Router Firmware

Firmware or the software that is the base of the router is really meaningful in the performance of the signals or the wireless network. If you have not yet updated the firmware of your router till now then try to check for the updates on the official router company website and then update the firmware soon. You will be really amazed how even the small update can improve the quality of the network speeds and the range of wifi.

Verdict for 10 Best Ways to Boost your WiFi signal in home or office

Do not imagine right after reading this post that you will apply those magical tricks given above and hence grasp the superfast internet signals. These tricks and techniques are thought useful enough to boost the signal strength and improve the processing quality so that you get fully optimized internet speeds. If you will utilize the above tricks then this is assured that your internet speed will grow for sure. That’s all that we have to say about, tell us about the best ways to boost your Wi-Fi signals if you have any. Make use of the comments box without any hesitation to share your views regarding this post!

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