REVEALED: Amazing American Express Card Number Format 2019

E-payment mode is taking over to the physical modes of payment like cash or cheque. Thanks to the advancement in the technology that has led to such a brilliant transformation that anyone can now send or receive payments even while distant apart from each other. Additionally, e-payment has made it amazingly quick to make even the large amount transactions and it is surprisingly easier to manage the data for each of the transactions. Out of all the available cashless transaction modes or E-payment modes, Credit card and Debit card are the two majorly used and widespread modes.
No need to carry loads of physical money but people are smart, they carry one of these cards or even both to secure their payments anywhere. Credit cards have extended values and some benefits over the Debit cards therefore people usually tend to have it. The simple process to use these cards for making payment follows up swiping these cards>>connecting to the bank account after successful authorization>>PAYMENT DONE!

Amazing American Express Card Number Format 2019

A lot of issuers avail Credit Cards to the users yet American Express is one of the safest, easiest and most beneficial out of all. Anyone who is having the American Express credit card may want to show important information and aspects of American Express Card Number format (Or Related Info). The credit card issuers follow some definitions to set the format for the card number to make each and every other card have its own unique identity. Every other credit card issuer might have their own different formats for setting the card numbers.
Many people still believe that the credit card or debit card numbers are randomly picked by any computer but it is not true in real. That special format helps the issues get the unique and standalone card numbers which were never existing before.
Interesting or not? Anyone who is still willing to find the way that format and way through which the American Express Cards get their unique card numbers can carry on reading on this page. It will be all about sharing the piece of knowledge about how the American Express credit card number format is used.

What is American Express Card Number Format?

American Express or AmEx Credit Card is the most popular card in the category. So many people use it for their daily transactions, there can be innumerable transactions done throughout the day with this credit card which makes it insanely famous among the users.
The complex format of all those card numbers on the American Express credit card is what you all may wish to find out. Everyone using these cards know very well about those numbers on it but do everyone have the in-depth sense of their format? Doubt arises!
Let’s find out the interesting facts about the card number formats of American Express or AmEx Credit Card.

Stunning Format of American Express Cards

There is a card expiration date on the card, account number and the CID or Card Identification Number embossed on the American Express Credit card.
These numbers on the card follow some special algorithm that means to prevent anyone build any fake card numbers. Meanwhile, if anyone has generated their fake number for the American Express credit card, they will not be able to process it and authorize it against that senior algorithm.

First digit of AmEx Card
The interesting thing is that for every American Express Credit card, the first digit of the account number embossed on to the card is always 3. This is unique number that acts as an identifier for the card issuer. For American Express the card issuer number is 3.

Second digit of AmEx Card
The following digit to 3 is also a special number. It is either 4 or 7 that is again the second identifier for the American Express Card issuer.

Number length of AmEx Card
The most important format that is being followed for issuing the AmEx card numbers is the length of the number. It is always a 15 digit numbers including the first and the second digits as described above. Again, to breakdown the format of the 15 digits, there are a group of 4 digits, 6 Digits and 5 digits at the last. The embossed number on the card shows the gap so as to differentiate between these groups of 4,5 and 6 digits of the total length.
All other card from the various different issuers have their different card number lengths. For example, MasterCard follows the 16 digits card number while the Maestro cards uses up to 19 digits as the maximum length for the card numbers. Again, Visa has the card numbers of length 19 digits yet the first number is always 4.
This smart and intelligent feature of the Card Number format is to prevent the abusive use of the credit cards and to don’t let anyone create fake Cards very easily.

Other AmEx card Format Information

There are few other numbers and information printed or embossed on the American Express Credit card that includes the Name, security code or the address. The information on the card may not be necessary to know when making the transactions through the physical card processing machines or devices. But to get the online transactions process successfully, the data on the card will be required. Filling the wrong data such as the Name as on the card, security code and card number shall revert back an error message.
Hence, it is as important to know about the full card details so as to transact online. There are some aspects you need to know about the Name, Security number and the address on the American Express Credit card.

Name of the card holder On AmEx
The name on the AmEx credit card is always printed on the bottom right corner of the card. Also, full name is not printed but the last name of the card holder is printer as in abbreviation.

Identification number on AmEx
The 4 digit number placed above the card account number that is named as CVV2 or CVV codes by other card issuers. The point here to be noted is that the security code is printed on the front whereas it is found on the back side of the card in most other cards by different issuers.

Expiration Date on AmEx
AmEx card utilizes the format “mm/yy” for the expiration date. It is printed below the card account number in the same format.

Remain Safe By Securing the Information of the Card

Never share your Credit or Debit card with others so as to prevent cloning of your card details or utilizing of the card details. It is always unpredictable to state whether if the card details could be abusively used but still it is better to stay on the safer side.

Using the Information carefully

Internet is fragile therefore you must use your credit card carefully for making the online transactions. Always utilize the card on the secure and official online websites, stores or web apps.
Don’t let the problems come in when you have abundance of information related to the format of card numbers and data. Be on the safe side always and enjoy the benefits of technology letting you pay easily and securely.

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