App Developments: Impact on youth

A century ago life was tough and slow. Everything required a lot of manual work. In the 1850s no one would have thought that communication would be just a matter of seconds. Our ancestors did 50 times more labor work than what we do today. They could walk miles and would not get tired but we can’t even walk out to the nearest market in our area. In that time the simple thing like communication required a lot of effort. Earlier communicating with someone required a lot of patience. The only way to communicate in that era was through letters which took days to come and go and many time they were lost or torn in transit. Today if we need to send a message it is just a matter of seconds. All you need to do is type your message and click the send button.

Through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram the way of communication has become so easy. These apps have erased all the gaps between the countries. We know what is happening in the life of our cousin who lives in Norway. The app development has not only made communication better but also touched our lives in almost every aspect. We have an app for ordering food, keeping our track of health, for entertainment. Activities like shopping have also become online. They save us from the hustle of trying different clothes and save us from us the unbearable traffic of Delhi. Open the app and select your outfit and it will be delivered at your doorstep. Humans just need to take care of their phones and rest these apps will take care of. On one hand, these apps indeed made our life easier and faster but these have to take the little pleasures from us.

Now kids go out to play on mobile phones, while we waited to clock strike 6 and we could go out and play cricket. Before the summer holidays would start we planned how we are going to write a letter to our friends but now all they do is text. We had to watch an entire song list show to watch our favorite song on tv. The biggest issue is that now we are more attached to our phones than to people. We could be chatting with someone miles away but not with the person sitting right next to us. We are becoming comfortable in having conversations over text rather than in person. People are living mixed realities. They are available online as well as offline. It will unfair to say that all apps have made us lazy. Apps like Pokémon Go was developed so that people could go out and walk in search of these Pokémon. Apps are being created to remove the struggles from a common man’s life which we have achieved but at the cost of living a lazy life. Our life has become more like click, click, click. Just click on the button and your required action will be done.

We need to understand that these apps were created to make our life easy and not make us lazy. There will be a time when the normal day to day activities will be looked upon as something very amusing. There’s so much to this world which is yet to be explored, visited and cherished from our end. The life without the internet and smartphones is considered a joke by our society. The rise of technology should not hamper the quality of health the people are going through nowadays and as a parent it is their duty to never provide such gadgets to their futile children that would lead to such dependency to the technology. Bill Gates once said that “ Humans should be worried about  the threat posed by artificial intelligence.”

Verdict on App Developments: Impact on youth

We should not forget that the technology should only be used to ease the human effort whereas it seems that technology gave rise to human problems. Never let yourself be the slave of technology, let the technology be your slave because it’s first goal is to serve you. If we do not stop here than this initial age of artificial technology shall rise in this world of humans and our future generations would take a blow for the same.

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