Best Football Games for Android and iOS 2019

Football or the Soccer games is the everlasting games that are alive in this world. There are no limits that would ever put end to the football games as people love playing football on their gaming devices, smartphone devices, etc, and the craze is never going to diminish. The reason that the soccer games would never end is the people highly influenced and attached to real-life football sports. Innumerable people love this sports and do love to play digital games based on these sports as much. That’s the reason that the game developers focus on creating the stunning soccer playing games. Android game developers, as well as iOS game app developers, are also not lagging behind as they all have made it possible to make all those premium and highly popular console games available to the smartphone or tablet users. Finding the best football games for Android and iOS is a really tough task as there is the abundance of different game apps based on this sports that are published on the internet for these two major platforms. Our experts have done the hard work and have reviewed numerous popular as well as new football games so as to create the best list. Scroll down and read to know about those best soccer games (Android & iOS) that are concluded as the best by our experts. So let’s start with the list below!

Dream League Soccer

Create your own team by selecting the unique players from different clubs of the world. The ability to create unique own team and also to create customized stadiums for better view and experience has helped this game reach on the top. Set up the game in your own way and this helps to play it with full attention, this feature has led the players to get addicted to it. Talking about the best football game for Android and iOS in 2019? Dream League Soccer is the answer!

Pro Evolution 2018

Above 70 millions installations of this game is enough to define why it is the best football game. This game is available for both Android as well as iOS so the keen players can install it and enjoy playing it. The multiplayer mode is fantastic, competing against those million players to make the position of your team can be a tough task but the experience will be nourishing and joyful.

Stickman Soccer

Select the mode of either expert level, training level or mediocre level and then start playing the game. Not many rules and regulations as followed in the real football game but only few that stops you from hitting the goal. The alterations made to the rules in this soccer game makes it a lot more enjoyable and easier to play. Play with complete power and do not resist thinking of penalties and show up your best possible tricks and techniques.


The latest version game of the most popular series is developed with care and is fitted with tons of graphics effects as well as features. The players need to surf through the list of features of this game so as to know the quality experience of playing this soccer game. Choose from the various different soccer clubs or either select the multiplayer mode, everything is so simple and instant. The speedy and arguably the best ever soccer game controls let the players move the players, kick in directions and tackle against the other team players very easily.

FIFA 17 can be downloaded for free of cost on both of the Android and iOS platforms. Make sure that your device can handle this graphics-rich game that is about 1.5 GB in size.

Ultimate Soccer

An ideal choice for the casual playing soccer on Android or iOS devices. The game is not set with complex strategies but the user can enjoy to play it freely. Ultimate soccer does not lack the rich graphics but the looks without superb gameplay can feel less to some gamers. Feeling tired or under pressure due to long day work? Play this casual soccer game and feel the goals kicked into the net.

Soccer Star Legend World

Start as a soccer player in a club and decide your playing position, hire the agents to help manage your finances, coach to get experienced or trained well and do much more to create your professional career. Help your team win and outperform others to grow and get awards so as to make your position being the best player in the world inside the game. The experience becomes phenomenal when combined with rich graphics and stunning gameplay. Try this game on your Android or iOS device and you would learn a lot more about the professional career building in football.

Soccer Manager 2018

Create and manage your team and then compete against your friends or online players in the multiplayer mode. Guide your players to play the strategies you designed for winning the game. There are almost more than 170 million players working on this game to play soccer! Want to know why so many users are addicted to this game? If yes, then install this game on your Android or iOS device and start to play but remain safe as you could also get addicted to it.

Final Kick

Are you a football penalty kick expert? If yes, then install this soccer game and in various different situations or positions on the ground trying to hit the goal while the opponents will be there to save the goals. Check your kicks in slow motion from different angles and learn awesome strategies. This game consists of only penalty kicks from the soccer sports and no full-time gameplay.

Slide Soccer 2018

With minimal graphics and no real players Slide Soccer still makes it interesting to play the soccer game. There is a well defined fixed position ground with players from different teams shown as colored circles, through the controls the ball is moved to kick hard into the goal posts. Multiplayer mode lets the players play and compete against the other online players in the world. Apart from all these features Slide Soccer levels are really interesting to play. Grab this small soccer game in no time through using the play store on either Android or iOS and then start playing it for free.

Verdict for Best Football Games for Android and iOS 2019

Soccer games or the Football games on Android and iOS are best when played with the real competitor. Multiplayer mode of the soccer games allows the users to compete against other players those are also controlling the selected team. What is most important for any sports-based digital game is the graphics must look real and should be good enough to make every movement inside the game look realistic. Considering these factors and even the game features along with the flexibility to play the game, all of the best football games are found by the experts. Hope you liked the list, please share this post with others and help u improve so that our experts can work hard to provide you with more similar knowledgeable and helpful staff. Tricksdock thanks you for reading on this page, you can leave your comments through the box given below on this page!

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