Best Linux Distros for Laptops 2019

Unlike Windows OS, Linux has multiple variants created by the developers from throughout the world and each of the different Linux Distro has some unique specialty. Every different Linux Distro is designed in a completely different way and the whole looks and design of the UI are unlike. Thanks to all those people around the globe who are modifying the open source Linux so as to create the ultimate Distros. People use Windows OS or the Mac OS most probably but those geeks who are aware of the power of Linux and know how to control it are always committed to the Distros. Even some of the stunning Linux Distros are completely alike to the Windows OS or the Mac OS and are more densely filled with features and there is more number of functions. It is true that Linux OS is an excellent platform for the devices and it is also true that not every distro designed and developed over the Linux structure are equally good. Many distros are just useless and it is better to avoid those if you wish to get your device to perform the best. Turning to the pros- Multiple best Linux Distros are certainly the best-operating systems in this world hidden somewhere in the crowd of those useless ones. To help people find out the best Linux distros for Laptops or Computer devices our experts have done a lot of research whereas they even tested so many distros to seek for the best. As a result, the experts have come up with the list of amazing Linux distros for the laptops or PC. Reveal yourself that list by reading the whole data on this page till the end. Scroll down and let’s start up reading about all those distros.

Elementary OS- Brilliant Design and Features

Are you looking for the operating system that can beat down the most popular Windows and Mac OS? Try out the Elementary OS that is the brilliantly designed Linux Distro and overtake the rivals in each and every aspects. The best part is that this Linux distro is not at all heavier for your system and will consume much fewer resources as compared to the Windows OS and Mac OS platforms. The soothing transitions of the elements and panels combined with the stunning looks make it the best Linux Distros for Laptops as well as PC.

The beauty alone is not carving the space for this Linux distro in the best top list but the availability of numerous advanced functions and features also add up the value to it. This can be stated as the most stable version of Linux OS that is completely designed with stunning graphics and is filled with finest features and functions. There is a vast compatibility for innumerable software and almost every best tools and apps available for the Windows and Mac OS can be installed on the Elementary OS.

Ubuntu OS- Stable and Strong Distro

Ubuntu OS is the all in one winning Linux Distro where it has good design, stability, and support for tons of apps but is also great for doing various tasks like programming, gaming, and business data handling. The terminal of the Ubuntu could be used to perform hacking and penetration tasks too and the testing of networks can also be done by utilizing the different command structures. Ubuntu consumes very less memory and the ISO file for this operating system is just about 1GB and you can compare to those of 5GB ISO files for any Windows OS and Mac OS.

This Linux Distro for Laptops or PC devices can be executed via the pen drive or the removable disc so it could be stated as the portable solution to add another operating system to any device within minutes.

Linux Mint- Replace Windows 7

Completely similar to Windows 7 but can run even on the oldest configuration devices with ease. Are you finding it hard to run the Windows 7 on your device? Try out the Linux Mint and this will help you perform all those heavier tasks easily without any lags or performance delays. There is almost all number of functions and features that are found on Windows 7, therefore, the user will not have to calibrate with any lacking features.

Kali Linux- Hacking & Penetration Testing

All the hackers and penetration testers use Kali Linux. If you are also going to start learning hacking or perform amazing network hacks for testing purposes then do install this powerful Linux Distro on your Laptop or PC. It is a Debian-based Linux distribution that is aimed at providing the learning base and platform for the hackers as well as penetration testers. While this distro is also used commercially for the same purpose yet there are many other much powerful systems that could be handled by the user who knows to handle and operate the Kali Linux. Some of the most common tasks that can be done by the Kali Linux are Security research, Computer Forensics, and Reverse Engineering. Hundreds of tools reside inside the Kali Linux directory that can be used for all these purposes.

Debian OS- Coding and Programming Made Simple

Ubuntu is based on the Debian, therefore, it can be concluded that most of the features and stability that is found over the Ubuntu can be found on the Debian OS. This universal Linux Distro is tough and hard and is stable with any rare issues that could be ever found. This smart OS can be used for many purposes like programming, gaming, task handling, web browsing, etc. The specialty of this distro is that it consists of some amazing tools for the programmers and therefore the developers can essentially use it for their benefits. Debian OS can be installed for free of cost and there are no advanced system requirements for getting it run smoothly over your device.

Verdict for Best Linux Distros for Laptops 2019

Amaze yourself by installing any of the best Linux Distros for Laptops that are discussed in this article and you might probably end up leaving the Windows OS and Mac OS. Linux generally required least system hardware for running smoothly and utilizes 4 times fewer resources as compared to the Windows OS and Mac OS with similar design and features. If you are running on Low configuration laptop that is short on specs then it is highly recommended that you must shift to Linux Distro. Remember that Linux is a very powerful operating system and deny to make use of Terminal if you are not familiar with the Linux codes. Running any fragile code could lead to the complete damage of your OS, data or the hardware. Let us know if you liked the information on this post through writing to us via the comments box. Your support is going to help us improve and if you wish us to share more such posts and information then please share this page with others. Tricksdock thanks you for reading this post!

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