Best PPC Advertisement Sites for Earning More Revenue 2019

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is the mode in which the advertisers only pay for the clicks on the ads and not for the impressions and views alone. It means that the amount that is being generated through the Ads will generate more than 90% more earnings than the impression Ads hence the bloggers and website owners get a chance to earn even more. On the internet, there are several different PPC Advertisement sites and all of these sites tend to assure users to give utmost earning value through the highest CPC or CPA rates. While everyone is good at stating their services to be best but everyone is aware that only a few get into the top slab. This can be hard for the users unaware of the technical terms and processes related with PPC to find out which one of the sites on the internet is best for PPC advertising. Our experts have worked on several PPC sites, tested their results and after spending a lot of time reviewing those sites they have selected few PPC sites as best. All those PPC sites selected by the experts are described below in this post so that everyone can be able to easily chose the correct and perfect PPC site for advertising and hence get the most revenue. Let’s skip to the list of best PPC sites and know about those sites by reading through the information given below.

Media.Net- Contextual Ads with Amazing Fill Rate (Minimum Checkout- $50)

Highest CPC and CPM paying Ad network that consists of the best quality ads that helps the users to generate more earnings. It is really easy to customize the Ads and choose from the various Ad types that would be placed on the websites. If the best alternative for the Adsense is to be found then there is no doubt that Media.Net would be the only option available. Get the approval and place the code even aside to the Adsense ads and create money through the clicks and impressions on the ads by both these networks. This perfect combination of ads by different networks is really effective for gaining more profit out of the same traffic.

Google Adsense- Most Popular Advertising Network (Minimum Checkout- $100)

Global advertising network by Google cannot be missed as it is the most popular PPC network available right now. The only reason that shifted the Adsense to the second place is slightly low CPC rates than the Media.Net and low Fill rate for the Ads. Although it does not affect the outcome greatly yet if it is to choose the best then stats need to be considered. Check out a hundred sites and out of all those sites with Ads, most of them will be using and earning through the Adsense Ads. It is really not easy to get approved by Google for the Ad network and the users need to create some amazing website content, some highly useful website and do quality work consistently so as to get the approval.

Bidvertiser- Pop-up and Banner Ads King (Minimum Checkout- $10)

Pop-up Ads quickly and effectively gain the impressions and there are more chances of getting the clicks compared to any other Ad types. Bidvertiser is the finest network to apply pop-up ads and the banner ads easily on any site and earn more. The minimum checkout of this network makes it really easy for the web creators to start earning fast. But if the CPC rates are taken care then it is nothing great to say about it. The only concept of Pop-up ads and Banner ads make it feasible for more profit gain as more chances get unlocked for getting a higher number of clicks through these Ad types.

Adhitz- Quality Text Based Ads (Minimum Checkout- $25)

It is the fastest growing Ad network and large user base is adding to its growth for the only reason that highest quality Ads are only processed on this network. Although the fill rate is consistent and good enough the average CPC rates make it not so good option for the users. Although the quickest way to start earning after getting approval is Adhitz and the highest performing text-ads can help generate quick revenue via the Adhitz network.

Propeller Ads- Option to Add Video Ads (Minimum Checkout- $100)

With more than 7500 new ads posted daily on the Propeller Ads Network and the flexible targeting makes it really easy for the users to earn quality revenue. With the worldwide reach and the reliability of 7 successful years make this PPC Ad network a great to go option for anyone. The CPC rates are comparably higher than many other small Advertising networks so to choose this site for the Ads would be worthy. With millions of targeted user base, the Propellor Ads network makes it the best option for monetizing the websites and other contents for better earnings.

Affinity Ads- Best CPC and Amazing Ad Customizing Tools (Minimum Checkout- $50)

Founded in 2006, Affinity Ads network has gained its position in the top PPC Advertising sites and has consistently maintained it for years and even in the present time, it is on the top list. This Ad network claims itself to be the world’s leading contextual Ad network and states that it has the next-gen display feature with which the users get to show the completely related ads with their website content or niche data. This helps to gain even more prominence and earn the highest possible profit out of the website’s userbase.

RevenueHits- Best CPC Ad Network (Minimum Checkout- $50)

With Minimum efforts and average content and traffic quality, any website owner can monetize their site with the RevenueHits and hence earn the profits. The minimum payout of 50 dollars and the amazing CPC rates for the Ads by this network retains it the position on the top list. The dashboard allows users to create and set up various ad types and therefore the revenue generation ratio increases.

InfoLinks Ads- Best Text-Link-Ads (Minimum Checkout- $50)

As stated in the title the InfoLinks Ads are the best In-Text Link ads and the CPC of these In-text link ads is the highest. The InfoLinks Ad network intelligent algorithm delivers intent-driven ads to the right users in real-time and thus makes it easier for the website owners to grasp more clicks. As we are listing the best PPC advertising networks, the CPC rates and the earning potential from the InfoLinks Ads is really good and it is therefore placed on the top list by our experts.

Verdict for Best PPC Advertisement Sites for Boosting Growth 2019

You read it correctly, Google Adsense is on the third position contrary to the users believing it to be the best PPC advertising agent. There is no doubt that Adsense is still the best when comparing about the ease of earning money and applying for the Ads yet considering the PPC Ads for highest revenue generation Media.Net has gained its position on the top rank. Note that this comparison and ranking has been given on the basis of only Pay Per Click Ad revenue but many other factors are still not covered. If your website gets huge traffic and a large number of Ad clicks then this is suggested that Ads must be placed otherwise the Google Adsense ads is best performing ads for earning through impressions. Write to us about your opinions and let us know if you liked the information on this page, make use of the comments box for it. Thanks a lot for reading on this page, help us improve through sharing this post with others. Period.

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