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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) always been trending in past years which helps in promoting and ranking your websites. But without clearing the basic terms and topics it is quite hard sometimes to sustain in a highly competitive environment. The 2020 year comes with new opportunities and ways for getting your website rank in the best possible ways. SEO and Digital marketing is the future of the modern era. Associate with SEO in the upcoming 2020 will be your goal for getting jobs and boost your regular business. Advanced level SEO comes in mid-year of 2020 but till then we more focused on clearing every basic doubt related to SEOs. Listed below we opted topics and common queries which are frequently asked in SEO.

1.  Website Submission in Google Webmaster


Sign with google or bing account firstly with proper username and password.


Open and sign in with help of Gmail account.


Entering into Webmasters tools’ homepage and select Add a site icon located in the right upper side
with a red color dialog box.


Enter the website domain and click continue.


Webmaster tools need verification for the authority of accessing your website with HTML file upload,
HTML tags, Google Analytics , and Google Tag manager methods. Select any method.


We go to the HTML tags method, copy the meta tag and paste into your website’s header.

2. PDF Submission for Backlinks

Method for creating unlimited backlinks that have maximum tendency to generate traffics and helps in getting instant links. Easy to access and potential of creating unique links from different sources. Similar to article/content submission.

Create content with 800-1000 words and saved as a PDF. In each PDF’s content build up 2-3 links of your website and posted in thousands of PDF submission websites available in Google. A Paid option also available in every PDF submission websites which helps you to access certain fields without any sign-in and published your PDF website without any further delay. But going for free option also helps to publish your PDF with time-consuming but generates a good backlink to your website with their high domain authority aspect.

3. URL Shortener

Exceed length of any particular website’s page creates problems for the submission of certain pages’ URLs to different platforms. URL shortener easily converts your long characterized page’s URL into a shorter one for easy access and sharing that particular link.

Open bitly website and past any page’s link in it. Within seconds your lengthy URL converts into a shorter and easy one. In bitly you can be saved every page’s URL by unique title for the future and also know everything about the google traffic in that particular URL.

4. A/B Testing Method

Analyze and compare two different website pages, apps and e-mails by changing certain elements. A/B testing used for generating maximum traffic from a previously reliable source which lately failed to get traffic due to certain factors.

For eg — Suppose Page-A gets huge traffic in initial days but soon its saturation point arrives near and its traffic in ahead days drastically decreases, for getting initial traffic to the similar webpage we create another webpage B which is derivative of page A and have only one change at a time.

Certain Webpage divided into A(original web page) and B(web page with certain element changes). And their certain elemental change might be titles,tags,thin content,CTA buttons, colors, textures, design and description etc. And analyze the traffic of both Webpages and comes into conclusion for going for that combination or needed further ones. If this combination succeeds to get high traffic then note the changing element. If not then go for another creation of B web-page with different elemental changes.

5. SEO Site Checker and On-page Audit


For checking your website eco-friendly mode, Go to and paste your website link.


Above website divide your result into Green(stands for the pass), Red(Fail) and Yellow(warnings).


Note your score and saved it in the form of e-mail or PDF.


Below you have seen common issue of your websites like titles, meta description, keywords, Speed,
security, mobile speed and usage of advanced SEO.


Every issue’s detection comes with fixing options. Go to How to fix option and work on it.

6. SEO Quake

Analyzing your website proper and even your internal pages side by side with perfect issues detection and suggestion. One of rare application which helps to know more about internal pages of your website. Several factors like Google page rank, Indexing of internal pages, SemRush domain’s rank and domain, bing indexing, Alexa Rank and social account’s complete feedback.

7. SSL Certificates

Stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Securing your website, protecting your personal information like credit/debit card, money transfer, faster speed, loading time and easily shared links comes with SSL certificates and rid from being hacked from certain third parties.

For eg — Website link of our domain – in which ‘s’ describes the security of the particular website. Users always prefer to https websites for easy accessing of web-pages without facing a virus.

Verdict for Best Topics to Better Understand SEO

Each above-listed steps give you the chance of getting better with SEO at a basic level. Clear all the steps with full detailing and proper terms execution. We will recover all other basic and Advanced level SEO in the future years. We will help you in each stage of understanding SEO better and try to solve all your queries without any further delay. We always update topics regarding the SEO and other technical field’s terms. So please share this content with your family and friends. Thanks for visiting our Tricksdock website!

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