Come Back Story of Nokia After Losing All Market Shares


In the previous blog, we highlight the factors which are responsible for the fall down of Telecommunication Jaggernaut Nokia. Nokia in post-2010s lost all its major markets from western to European to Asian after dominating the telecom department by other android based companies that follow the certain pattern of associating with Google. Google focused on software and android companies works on hardware part and this combo finally the key to ruling the telecom marketing by huge margin as compared to Nokia which sticks to Symbian for a long time and then linked with Microsoft company which was a failed idea and falls miserably and their outcomes drastically puts Nokia in back seat. But being a highly influenced and effective company, Nokia again set its new goals and ambitions in the new android era which seems quite impossible but the sheer dedication and intellectual minds behind the company, Nokia again rises from the bottom and rule the telecom industry within years. Hard to digest but that is the reason why we tell this story to our viewers for taking motivation and business guidelines. Listed we highlight every major factor of Nokia’s amazingly surprising re-entry in the market of giant mobile telecommunication sector and gain its lost reputation throughout the years.


Forbes magazine bashed Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop for his planning to destroy Nokia and be the next CEO of Microsoft by giving huge profit to it. Actually, Stephen Elop always wanted to join Microsoft but without giving major profit to the company its next to impossible. The idea of being sold the Nokia to Microsoft and providing Microsoft company the hardware and software right to work on Nokia by their names. Elop sold Nokia to Microsoft in 7 billion dollars which actual revenue around 50 billion dollars. Microsoft is working with Nokia failed at every level as its goal of selling windows based operating system failed miserably in a few months. After being drop as the CEO, Ballmer replaced with Satya Nadela who openly criticized the option of Microsoft to buy Nokia in 7 billion. He sold Nokia to HMD Global company and supports Nokia for getting into the right tracks.


Nokia has always been in talks for being the powerhouse of a trusting brand that has the highest brand equity among customers still after failing so fastly in the 2010s. After being linked with HMD Global which does all the sales, branding and full manufacturing behind the Nokia really helps to get in the competitive race. HMD Global supports the android system for Nokia and associates with Foxconn with further technical aspects. Introduce feature phones like 3315 and smartphones that hit in maximum mobile operating markets. According to the 2017 IDC report, Nokia sold 21 million phones in the mid-quarter which was the new golden feather in Nokia.



Distributors and retailers always trusted the powerful brand Nokia due to their performance and brand trusting but they get not much as profit share as other android companies provide them. Nokia initially being the single telecom industry always ignore this simple yet effective factor. Lately, after being renewed in 2010 with their associative partners like HMD global and Foxconn, Nokia giving good profit shares to both distributors and retailers which been the final reason for currently in topmost positions. The conclusion factor being the new success of Nokia will be its phenomenal brand legacy from the 1900s, extremely loyal to their new and old users without providing any defective model to date.

Verdict for Come Back Story of Nokia After Losing All Market Shares

Nokia has stunning come back in terms of gaining the lost strength but still in comparison to the competitive world, there are so many factors which Nokia lacks. Most probably Nokia shall regain the top positions in the market shares with launching stunning new smartphones and gadgets. Definitely, the time is to decide the win or loose of this giant and most popular brand. But for now, Nokia has to work hard and make new features as well as operating system packed with exemplary options. Thanks for reading on this page, Tricksdock wants you to share the site such that the growth could be maintained. It would help us to convey more informative content in the future.

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