Making Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development Easier With These Tools in 2019

Cross-platform mobile apps development means that you make the hybrid applications that run on different platforms like Android app and iOS apps. There can be lots of factors that tend to define the quality mobile application development yet out of all the factors that make the most important effect is the type of tools that are being used for building the coding structure. There are now several others ways in which the tool could be categorized as best as per based on the number of quality plugins and APIs that are available. Cross-platform mobile apps development tools makes it easier to work on the coding and integrations of the app for once and then target it to run over multiple other platforms like Android, iOS, etc. Thus there needs to have a great tool through which the hybrid app development could take place effectively and the outcome arises as certainly the best of your efforts. This can be really tough to look inside each and every app development tools so as to find out the best one, our experts have done it for you so that you can be able to recognize and know about the finest tools and start working on it to build up perfect cross-platform apps. All of the tools have been discussed below, scroll down on this page and start reading about these best tools.

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1. PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)- Open Source Robust Tool

Again in this all new year, PhoneGap has maintained the position on the top of the best cross-platform app development tools list. Cloud built PhoneGap is an open source solution for the developers that make it really easier for them to attain the powerful integration tools and APIs uploaded by the users across the globe. The different code languages that can be utilized to create the cross-platform mobile apps through this tool are CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript. The code can be reused across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS and some other platforms via this tools. Thus, this tool saves a lot of time and efforts of the developers and helps them easily create multiple applications with the same code. There can be performance lags and issues sometimes when creating graphic-intense apps through PhoneGap yet it can be easily overcome by installing the third party graphic enhancing solutions.

Overall, PhoneGap is the best of all cross-platform mobile apps development tools.

2. Appcelerator- Open Source SDK With 5000 Devices Support

Rapidly create up the apps using this tool and test/connect and monitor the functionality of the hybrid apps that are created. As stated in the title, this app development tool consists of open source SDK that can support more than 5000 devices. Another thing that the developers can do with this tool is the building of an app prototype quickly and thus check out the complete user interaction in real-time with the user interface. Deploy data models without any efforts through using the schema-less data store ArrowDB possessed by this excellent tool.

The developer community is not available quickly for the support and this is leading to the slow downfall of this brilliant tool. Although expert developers will be able to handle this tools and work on it easily and create the cross-platform mobile apps really quickly and efficiently.

3. Xamarin- Testing and Quality Monitoring Made Easy

Startup easily with this tool through working and learning on the sample apps given by default and thereafter start to utilize C# codebase on the multiple platforms and make use of native IDEs and APIs for your creations. There is an excellent support for the testing and monitoring of the apps across the vast number of devices. There are some compatibility issues of this tools with the open source libraries of Android and iOS that blocks the way for the developers to create stunning and high-end apps for these platforms. But still for normal to average Android and iOS apps, Xamarin cannot be defeated and it can be used potentially for saving a lot of efforts.

4. Adobe Build- PhoneGap Support and Native Library

Adobe builds works with Cordova or PhoneGap so and therefore helps the users to build up and deliver excellent cross-platform hybrid apps with least efforts. Apart from the support of numerous functionalities and libraries from PhoneGap, Adobe Build also consists of native software kits for Android, iOS and Windows phone development. Businesses and enterprises can make use of this excellent mobile app development tool for strict time-to-market or quick delivery of fully functional apps.

Some of the cons for this tool include the less processing speed while using the Javascript but this can be fixed by using the native language of the tool i.e Swift. Another major con of this tool that made it rank 4th on this top list is that native APIs inside the tool have poor accessibility to the PhoneGap’s APIs that makes it almost impossible to take down the benefits from the PhoneGap’s huge API library. Hope that Adobe would work on these issues and make it the perfect tool for the app developers in the future.

5. iFactr- Easy to Learn and Quickly Build Apps

This tool is made with an aim to provide the developers an ability to create and develop apps in the least time period. Any developer new to this tool can take a few days of training and get expert in using this tool, it means that starting creating cross-platform apps with this tool will take only a few days. Try this simple yet really efficient tool for the creation of mobile apps.

Lack of a mega-library of APKs or integration plugins can slap your full-fledged app creation needs but still, the native library includes few sets of extensions that are enough for making the simple but functional apps. For the creation of Android and iOS app, this tool collaborates with the Xamarin and even supports the connection with the Adobe PhoneGap.

Verdict for Making Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development Easier With These Tools in 2019

Advancement in technology is gifting the app developers with amazing tools and feature-rich plugin sets such that creating of the apps and doing various integrations has become really easy. And utilizing these tools has even helped the app developers to create awesome mobile applications with even average expertise. How have you liked all of the best cross-platform mobile apps development tools listed on this page above, you can tell about that through writing in the comments box. Help us improve through sharing the post with as many users as you can so that we can continue creating this kind of information and useful content. Tricksdock thanks you for reading the information.

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