Detailed Explanation of Major Google Search Algorithms Ever ( Affects SEO Rankings )


Google algorithm defines a set of rules which help particular websites to rank in Google without being spamming and Black Hat SEO. Google from time to time updates all its algorithms to fight against spam websites. To rank websites, users always follow these certain criteria to get their site properly rank in the highly competitive market. Every website should fall in these algorithm categories to even sustain in Google for a long time as Google always shut down these websites even if they are not properly function or executed even without being the single percentage of black hat SEO. Below we explain only a few major SEO Google Algorithms which helps you to grow impeccably well without being any fear of competitive websites.


UPDATED ON 24 February 2011

Google panda generally works for the content algorithm. Certain criteria fall under content algorithms that any website’s owner should inspect for getting their website ranked in Google.

1. POOR USER EXPERIENCE WHILE ACCESSING – Content’s relevancy should be inspected before write and upload any content/blogs on your website. Relevancy generally relates to the particular keyword that your website’s article works in. For a technical related article, content should always be relevant to technical terms. Do not use unrelated keywords which forced Google to downgrade your website.

2. THIN CONTENT AND PLAGIARISM – Plagiarism always been the headache for Google bots,80% websites particularly focused or build upon Plagiarism. Plagiarism stands for using duplicate or copied content on your website. Always be focused on original content and ideas for getting better results. Thin content generally refers to the wrong hierarchy and format. Word limitation should always be between 700 to 1000 words for properly ranked in Google and also helps in bounce rate situation.

3. KEYWORD STUFFING – Exceed use of particular keyword in your website or content refers to Keyword stuffing. Keyword’s use always depends on content size and words. Not only in content but also check your titles, description, and meta-tags. Related terms and synonyms of a particular keyword are applicable but continuously use of keyword for exceeding the content length is always creates a problem for ranking a particular blog and contents.




Backlinks always been the spine of SEO while accessing with Off-page SEO techniques. Creating millions of backlinks is not preferable in Google but focused on the quality of backlinks is always gets priority. Creating backlinks from an unauthorized third party and generating backlinks by using Black Hat SEO is always penalized by Google bots. Third-party backlinks generally refer to low page rank and domain authority websites which only creates backlinks in numbers but not provide any sufficient boost to your websites. Purchasing millions of backlinks from the market also not helpful for a particular website. Link submission in unrelated websites also gets highly penalized in future years. The best advice is to create backlinks on your own but also from highly well-authorized websites in effective ways.


Similiar to Google Panda algorithm. Keyword stuffing also checked by Google penguin bots. Understand your particular website content and always used similar keywords that easily associate with your particular content. Good content ideas with sufficient use of keyword stuffing saved in every way from Google penguin bots. Always used limited keywords in the coding of titles, meta tags and descriptions for getting better results.




Google hummingbird developed for helping in user’s intention and search results. The user always been in a hurry mode for getting their answers and even they feel quite hard to access certain websites. The information graph which we have seen right side in every search result mainly gathers all the information from either Wikipedia or certain websites that related to a particular user’s query. Google hummingbird is a real-time algorithm that works in a similar time-lapse of search results in search pages by users.


Google gathered all the associated keywords related to the user’s search in google page. For getting your websites properly functioned in a particular section and get high traffic from users, one should properly be worked in keywords. Every sub-keyword belongs to a particular search keyword that should be mentioned on your website by writing content related to that keyword.


Google My Business which listed all the businesses depend on the user’s location, area and comfort zone. For attracting local customers, submit your website and carefully fill all the detailed information with proper google maps execution on your website. Reviews of your particular business via websites also very helpful for getting priority in the google search result.


Customers’ current reliable source is voice search. Voice search depends on the user’s accent, voice’s modulation and pitch with country or state recognization factors. For targeting your customers via voice techniques,varies of techniques used in building your website for voice searching.



Locally listed businesses linked with ‘Google My Business’ improved by properly execution of Google pigeon algorithm. This algorithm mainly focused on small locality businesses that need customers from near-by areas. Google pigeon sets all the local-based businesses in search engine rank page according to the particular keyword. Businesses who fulfilled certain parameters will automatically be placed ahead of other businesses in search engines. Certain factors like distance, location, area, and listing of business helps to topped the google search engine for a particular business.


Verdict for Detailed Explanation of Major Google Search Algorithms Ever ( Affects SEO Rankings )

There were multiple other updates after all these major updates but they have least relevance with the Search Engine Ranking. Knowing these major updates are most beneficial while the smaller updates to the Google Algorithms have their respective effects. Try to follow all of the algorithm updates and know to tweak your website accordingly to rank on the top positions. Have you liked reading this content on the page? If yes, then please share this page with others to support our work. Thanks for reading on Tricksdock!

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