Detailed Information of Google Search Console for SEO

Google search console claimed as the most significant factor for getting any particular website ranked in google via On-page optimization. Google search console managed all the aspects related to Google bots/spiders. It allows you to control your web pages for the Google bots and allow them to read properly. It helps in monitoring and maintaining the website with the additional feature of terminate the unnecessary files and errors. Google console have vast features which we will talk about in detailed content but for another time but till then we mainly focused on those features which fall in the basic level categories. Listed below we explained the detailed information and process of accessing the Google Search Console properly.

Major Tools and Features of Google Search Console

1. Helps in allow the permission to read and crawl all the web pages of your website.

2. Increase the traffic and manage all your data for future gains.

3. Analyze each backlink which are linked with your website.

4. Fix all the problems related to indexing and updating of new contents and information on your site.

5. Alert message pop out when the site has problems regarding spams and errors.

Submission of Website in Google Search Console


Go to search console and open the Dashboard.


Go to the ADD property option by clicking the top left side in your domain.


Two methods for adding your website in search consoles like Domain and URL prefix.


Select any method,If you select URL prefix which might easy to access for beginners.


Enter the complete URL address of your website and click continue.


Download the given file and upload it into your website root directory.

Brief Overview of Google Search Console

Google console’s dashboard comes with various features which help to enhance your experience of accessing website properly. Dashboard has features like Performance, URL inspection, Mobile usability, Logos and Feedback etc. You can give fully to restricted permission to your colleagues and friends who are also your associative partners of the particular website. For this, select settings options and then users and permission category. Add user option selected with the filling of your partner’s email id and access authority option from full to restricted only. You can solve any problem related to the Console via the Help option.

Analyse of Sitemaps and Coverage


Select Coverage option in your Google console dashboard.


Select All pages option.


First box shows all the errors and if there any then there are detailed explanation of errors below.
The Second box shows all the errors related to indexing of certain pages. The Third box shows valid pages’ errors and then the last one is has excluded errors.


Go to Sitemaps option and checked all the details properly.


If there is an absence of Sitemap in your dashboard then firstly create it by the help of Sitemaps
generator and create it with a simple link submission of your domain. Then a file named with Sitemap.xml should installed in your website root.


Submit your particular sitemaps in Google dashboard then analyze every detailed error and try to fix

Soft 404 Error in Google Search Console

Soft 404 refers to a certain URL which unable to read and crawl by google bots due to the absence of content and errors in particular pages. These errors create disturbance and barrier in ranking your website. Checked all the 404 errors and try to fix it. If certain page is no longer available for future visitors then show a 404 and 410 response code in these pages. If your page has moved to a certain directory then show a 301 code to help the users by redirect them to a certain page. If a page is incorrectly flagged or treated as 404 error by google then examine the full error detection by select the URL inspection tool option in Dashboard. After fixing problems related to flagged 404 error then inspect the URL and confirmation of removing flagged error done by appearing of a dialog box. Testing of ROBOTS.TXT BLOCKING also needs to be done for getting rid of flagged error properly.

Breadcrumb Role in Google Console

Inspect the navigation hierarchy of any particular web pages known as Breadcrumb. For eg — Home/SEO/Google console. Always remember that Breadcrumbs will not be more than three hierarchies for better user experience and also do not put links in navigation hierarchy. If there is any problem related to Breadcrumbs appear then fix through the Google Console by selecting Breadcrumbs option from Enhancements field and try to fix it properly for better user experience and time-consuming.

Verdict for Detailed Information of Google Search Console for SEO

Google Search Console is the advanced step for resolving all your website error without any cost. It helps to detect error and fixing features which helps user for a better experience the website without any barrier. Google console has many other features that we talk about again in the future with detailed explanation. This above brief explained content will only be useful for basic or beginners level aspirants of SEO but we come with much other contents which helpful for advanced level aspirants also. If you like our content then please share it and give your feedback/queries in the comment box. Thanks for visiting us and have a nice day ahead!.

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