Earn Money: Business Strategies of TCS(Tata Consultancy Services)

TCS(Tata Consultancy Services) is an Indian based multinational information technology/consulting service company. Claimed to be the most successful and valuable IT industry in the world. In 2015, Forbes ranked TCS as the 64th most innovative and highly skilled IT company which is only the first Indian company to be included in the list. Over 100 billion dollar market capitalization TCS become the most profitable company by captured the largest shares in transport services. Infosys and Reliance Group companies are the next to companies who market capitalization includes in the world’s biggest and profitable venture companies but they still very far to reach the level of TCS. Founded by Tata sons in 1968, TCS always remained at the top-ranked company to endorse over 100 products in 100 plus countries all over the world. It can buy 128 countries at one time with its huge capitalization. TCS always ahead in providing jobs to youth and regarded to be the most largets IT outsourcing company in the world. Listed we include significant ideas about the business strategies of TCS by which you can apply in your business to earn money.

STABILITY IN BUSINESS: Best Leader with Employes

Business always prefers stability in it which is quite tough to create irrespective the high capitalization of the company. By stability, we generally talk about the sustaining of a great yet highly visionary CEO in the company for a long time. CEO only job is to provide highly profitable revenue in its tenure and fights with every problem by making an amazing team full of innovative and high skilled employees.

According to a report till 2018, Only 3 CEO of TCS was changed and they all succeed in completing their tenure. On another side Infosys failed in creating stability and great leadership in their business. This way TCS has jumped to 5.5% profit in the last years with an attrition rate of only 11%. TCS always give freedom to their CEOs to express their idea and support them in a crisis which is least thing anyone can do to grow their company instantly. Employees also have better income and less burden in TCS. TCS always provides free medication and travel/bonus options to their employees and in return employees always give their 100% to raise the level of TCS in the market.

ETHICS AND PROFIT: Always Prefer Ethics over Profit

Business always sustained and run in profit revenues is always been the first lesson taught in business schools but not every company prefers its ethics/brand over money. Tata Motors Group which is a subsidiary of TCS shockingly all over the news in November 2016. Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata removed current CEO Cyrus Mistry from the chairman’s post. But why? As we learned above TCS and Tata Group never changed their chairmen instantly before completing their respective tenure. Actually in 2009 a Japanese telecommunication company DOCOMO arrived in India and take 26% of big stakes in Tata teleservices with a business clause ” Japanese based company DOCOMO has full-fledged rights to withdraw from Tata teleservices deal whenever they needed and Tata Group will buy out all its shares or find a suitable buyer if not they fully recover the money cost according tomarket rates in crises in the future”.

After debacle performance of DOCOMO under TATA leadership, DOCOMO wants to break the deal and according to clause they insist Tata buy their shares which Cyrus Mistry ignored. DOCOMO feel betrayed by the biggest company TATA. When Ratan Tata heard about this incident they immediately take a unique step by removing Mistry from the chairman position and finally buy all the shares of DOCOMO which is a failure step in terms of profit revenue but ethics and values of TATA is in high risk and by doing it TATA group restored the faith and fully seems loyal to their initial clause deal with the DOCOMO company.

Verdict for Earn Money: Business Strategies of TCS(Tata Consultancy Services)

Tata being a profitable company is not a special thing we learned in this article but which makes it special is to be loyal and caring towards their clients and employees. Business strategies have always been made around profitable revenue but few companies still believe that ethnicity and brand value are the best tools for running business. We do not encourage to compromise profits in every situation but always care about the initial clause and do not betray anyone for initial profits. For further content related to business strategies to earn money we brought special content relates to this field. So always stay tuned and visit our website for amazing content!


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Earn Money: Business Strategies of TCS(Tata Consultancy Services)

TCS(Tata Consultancy Services) is an Indian based multinational information technology/consulting service company. Claimed to be the most...