Earn Money: Learn Business Strategies from Microsoft Company

Microsoft is an American based multinational technology company. Deals in licensing, manufacturing and selling of computer windows, electronics and consumer items. In 2016 Microsoft listed as the world’s largest software company with over 90% market shares. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft reached the trillion-dollar market capitalization and become the third most valued company in the world. Microsoft always getting bigger from its previous years and always succeeds in dominate the market in a highly competitive market. Microsoft always awes its users by releasing the latest technical filled software and hardware. Without Microsoft we never able to use personal computers/desktops with so ease and comfort in our homes/offices. Microsoft fulfilled their desires and fantasies by applying certain amazing strategies in their business model and today we reveal particular points which helped Microsoft to create a monopoly and powerful brand equity in the market.

OLD IS GOLD: Keep The Basic Ideas and Upgrade it

Technical companies shifted to mobile platforms for getting more revenue and to capture market shares like Google and telecommunications companies. But mobile devices never really worked in Windows operating system and it fully developed on an Android operating system which covers almost every market share. Microsoft deal with Nokia always considers a flop idea and Microsoft understands its powerful core which is Windows and Office. Microsoft comes with Office 365 that helps customers to operates it with many devices and operating systems. Microsoft big step to release Windows 10 which consider not so great idea after being a lukewarm response of Windows 8. Nadella comes with ideas of using Windows 8 and other Microsoft products for free and now users did not have to spend a penny which was a giant step in any software provider company. Premium options also available for better features. Microsoft generated big revenues via subscriptions and by experience the features of any products customers shifted to premium which been a golden run for Microsoft company.

BUILD NEW ECOSYSTEM: Create new Powerful Ecosystem

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer always focused on Windows which he thinks always been special tools for Microsoft by which they again dominate the market but his strategies and ideas fall. Sharepoint and XBOX ideas give a certain satisfaction to Microsoft but their vision of capture all market shares seems impossible. After entering of another CEO Satya Nadella who already predicts the future of Windows which not going quite well for a highly economical and branded company. He visioned Windows future by invests in other technical aspects rather than always concentrating its basic core i.e Windows. He planned to build up a new ecosystem world that can help Microsoft by team up with other technology companies. Dominate the market and create monopoly is a great idea but this works only when your product can attract customers with the latest and impressive features that Windows failed drastically. Nadela also take Windows as their basic tool but its time to leave Windows for certain period and concentrate on other visionary products and later when they generate enough profitable revenue then Microsoft easily concentrates on other innovations regarding Windows.

IMPROVISATION: Be Fast in Shipping and Development of Products

Companies like Microsoft have millions of employees working under it. But if they failed to ship or delivery of their products to the users than its a black stigma in Microsoft. Products shipping on time is basic the step that should be correct in the first place but previously Microsoft failed to do it properly. But they realize soon and their products that take development for years are being deployed and shipping is done on time. Failing products like Microsoft’s Tay Twitter Chatbot also get great reviews from users in terms of shipping and manufacturing on time criteria. Another great example will enable Cortana to work on locked desktop display which greatly shown their passion for their work and for getting Microsoft better with each passing year.

BE VISIONARY: Always Become Different But Effective

Ever heard of future biggest innovation till now, Yes we talking about Augmented and Virtual reality. VR always seems fun and entertaining which basic functions are to upgrade and enhanced the video and gaming experience as all technical companies seems fully focus on creating an upgraded version for only these two modes. But Microsoft being visionary bet on HoloLens which might be risky but turn out to be effective and profitable venture for it. HoloLens also enhanced user experience and also generated enough revenue to consider it a successful venture. HoloLens created under project Baraboo which fully developed and manufactured by Microsoft whose main feature is to demonstrate the products which users want to buy for their kitchen. Microsoft spread this feature in terms of providing better education and automotive designs.

Verdict for Earn Money: Learn Business Strategies from Microsoft Company

Microsoft being a highly economical hub also faced lows in its tenure. Microsoft always changed with time for betterment of the future. They always looked for innovations rather than think only to dominate the market and generate huge capital revenue. Choices have always been the spine of Microsoft which plays a vital role in improving the financial and reputation mode. Microsoft always fight back without indulging in mobile/android devices which easily generated profitable revenue but failed to take a bigger risk. Analyze each point and carefully learn strategies from every well-branded companies for earning millions. Thanks for visiting us! .

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