Earn Money Online- Time Required to Start Making Money Through Blogging

Everyone might have heard about the well know online money making a source that is through blogging. People do start up quickly and without making any adjacent planning move into the blogging. By creating the website using the phenomenal easy to use platforms like WordPress, adding some content, the people wish to look for the earnings. There are different sources of making money online through the blog but none of those apply to push start the earning with simple and small efforts. There should be no confusion regarding the statement- “It takes time to grow the blog and start earning money online from all of the different monetizing ways that could be applied”. But many beginners have one question in their mind-“It takes time to grow the blog and earn money online using it, but how much?”. This question is frequently asked and thousands of different views could be found for this question making it even more difficult to get the exact answer. Let’s evaluate this tricky question that how much time is required to start making money through blogging. The whole stats for innumerable blogs of many different categories have been tested to get an average work and time ratio that best describes this question. Still, this cannot be the most accurate verdict as the internet is always dynamic and hundreds of factors or aspects change every day. However, this whole information can be used to guess the time before getting the gains doing blogging.

How does the Competition Level Affects the Growth?

Think about any keyword on which you are writing on your blog and that keyword already have innumerable other people working to get their ranking positions. If this is the perspective for your blog then you have to be on alert as it can take up to full long year or two to actually make the sustainable position on the various search engines. Either the blog content needs to be highly information and should standout among-st other competitors content.

Any blog with low competition or medium level difficulty keywords can actually make the good position on the search engines within 6 months if the quality of the blog is good enough. Here the quality of the blog is described by it’s content, SEO and some other factors.

The competition level therefore is mandatory to be known to judge the time that the blog shall take to earn the best position. However, the competition level is only one factor that describes the time for the blog to grow- All other factors described below are also the participants in making the time period for growth be shorter or longer.

On an average, the low competition keywords generally rank within two months of hard work through SEO, creating better content posts done with regularity. Medium keywords generally take 6 months of time to grow to have the same dedication and efforts as of low competition keywords. Be ready as Highly competitive keywords (If you choose that blog topic) could take a full long year or even more reach to the top 10 pages of the various search engines.

If earning money is your priority then the low/medium difficult keywords should be the basis of your blog topic as well as posts. But in case if you wish to let the people know about the finest information you have with you on the Highly competitive keywords then go on and take your long period time to reach it to the top level pages.

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SEO Practices Decide The Time for Actual Growth

Any website without SEO cannot reach to the top rankings or it would not even show in the top 100 pages of the search engines without the best search engine optimization practices. The single term SEO is for numerous different ways through which the quality of any site could be improved such that the search engine bots could, therefore, decide the better position.

SEO is done in two different ways- One is On-Page SEO while the other one is Off-Page SEO. Any changes or improvements made on the website comes under the On-page SEO while every other change did outside of the website (On other websites) are related to as Off-Page SEO. Both these types of optimization efforts are equally responsible to grow the quality or the authority of any website (Blog). These activities can take up to 2-12 months to rank any webpage over the given keywords (Again the Competitive level of keyword matters here).

Black Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO are the exceptions here as these negative forms of SEO can even rank the websites within few days or weeks only. But it is highly recommended to remain away from these two forms of SEO as it could kill your blog or website in no time. Once the rankbrain justifies the spam activities or the negative practices it would strike hard that website and rank it to the bottom. The recovery could, therefore, take up to a minimum of 6 months!

Content Is Always the Unrivaled King

If your blog is updated with 3-5 high-quality content posts each day then neither of the SEO practices would be required as well as the growth would take place rapidly in comparison. Still, the relevance of the keywords difficulty levels is noticed yet the time to grow the website reduces to half.

Write exceptionally good content that as it is the building block for your website. Who would ever want to remain in touch with the website having no good content? Nobody shall ever wish to land and read on the website with poor quality content.

Search engines even prefer the website with amazingly written content and the site that is regularly updated.

Social Media Popularity is Not Tough to Gain

No matter if the search engine position is hard to get as it is taking time- Social media never give any relevance to all those factors for ranking and giving more traffic allowance to any site. Rather the quality of content, as well as attractively written content, is enough to grab the attention of the users. Thousands of daily traffic can be gathered just via the different social media platforms and it just takes a month of good work and publishing of good content to build the social media reputation.

Search engines have tons of traffic but to start getting some influence of your blog you would need to reach the people through the social media platforms. This would act as the startup for your website.

Time Vs Work/Efforts Ratio to Best Describe the Growth

With regular work done on the blog (SEO and 3-5 blog posts each day)- it can take on an average of 3 or 4 months time to rank the website. Even if the website does not ranks it can start getting the position into the top ten search engine pages. Once the blog gains better keyword positions, one can start earning good amount of money online through the Ads, sponsor Ads, Affiliate marketing, etc.

Verdict for Earn Money Online- Time Required to Start Making Money Through Blogging

Choose your niche or topic of blogging wisely as this can greatly affect the time taken to grow any blog and start earning online. There is no doubt the SEO done accurately can push almost any site to the first positions but it takes time as well as efforts in the right direction. Anyone thinking to grow the blog without using the SEO will never get the results. Yet, getting the first position on the search engines is not always the deal to earn money online via the blog but the traffic can be attracted from various different sources. Apply for the best PPC advertising sites and get your blog monetized or make use of the affiliate services for earning the sales commissions out of the site traffic. Remember that blogging is not going to push all your efforts into the waste dump but it would definitely grow you to the peak levels unless you decide to quit really soon. On an average, the websites take about a full year of good work to start getting the handsome earnings. Check out SEO section for grabbing the best knowledge of positive website optimization techniques. Tricksdock thanks you for reading on this page. Period.

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