Easy Method to Turn Off the iPhone X and Restart It

iPhone X is the most popular smartphone from the best-known manufacturer in the world. iPhone devices are not usually implemented with different functions other than the Android but with this most expensive model or the device, the developers had made devastating changes to it. Numerous functions and gestures have been added to the iPhone X and the user could easily get confused. The simplest thing on which the users could get confused is the way to restart or turn off the iPhone X. This is so because in iPhone X the traditional way to do these functions has been changed. Even the buttons configurations on the device are also changed making it difficult to know how to turn off or restart the device. Is this explained in the phone or is described anywhere in the function for how you can turn off or restart the device? No, you will require finding the way to it. Don’t worry as this is the article where you will be getting about whole information about the working of these functions on iPhone X. Just be relaxed and read down the whole data given in this article. Hope that you might be willing to know about these ways described in this post if it is so then why not to start with the main section right now!

How to Turn Off iPhone X

To begin up turning off the iPhone X, simply press the side button of the device and the volume down button at same time. This can be done with both your hands, one hand concentrating on the side button and the other on the volume button. Remember the key combination as if you will be pressing the volume up button instead of Up button then this will end up taking a screenshot.

Keep on pressing the stated keys for some time. Do not just press for very short time as this cannot be used for performing the function. While you have pressed the keys for some time then you will be able to see the swipe screen on your display. You might be familiar with this swipe screen, this is to swipe right which will end up turning off the device. So go ahead and swipe the screen to the right and this will turn off your device.

How to Restart iPhone X

Again to go for restarting the iPhone X rather than just shutting it down, press the Volume Up button for some time and then quickly press the Volume Down button.
Keep pressing the Volume Down button on the device for some time and then shift to the side button of the device. Long press the side button until it reveals the Power of slide button on the screen. Tap and slide the icon on the upper edge of the screen to right and this will shut down your device. You will see it restarting once the process is activated by itself. That’s all.

Verdict for How to Turn Off the iPhone X and Restart It

iPhone X is a brilliant device filled with so many new and useful functions. The developers have properly utilized each and every aspect of this device so as to make it give full space to the user on the display as well as perform more than usual functions too. Everyone is aware that in iPhone the manufacturers haven’t missed to add the Restart and Turn Off function as this is not at all possible, the only thing is that the key combinations or the process to perform these up has changed. This all-new ways of turning off the device and restarting phone x are completely different from the previous iPhone devices. If you were used to with the previous device and have recently adopted the iPhone X then this is the time to switch it off and restart it differently. Liked this information? If the answer is yes then please share it. Commenting on this post will make us feel that we have spread the reliable information that proved helpful to you!

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