How Much Do Ethical Hackers Make

There are different types of hacking that are Black Hat hacking or named as Unethical hacking, gray hat hacking and the legal way of hacking among all these is the ethical hacking. Now talking about the legal hacking, it is the process in which the hackers try to hack the networks, accounts, software, etc, all just to identify the security levels. The hackers conducting the ethical hacking are given full access to pierce down into the systems and search for any issues or the holes. Learning ethical hacking is great if you want to acquire high level technical skills but the question is that how much do ethical hacking can earn you? If you are going to choose the ethical hacking as your carrier field then this is important for you to know about the earnings you can do through doing hacking. From beginning to the end of this post we have described about the ethical hacking, Certified Ethical hacking courses, earnings through hacking in different ways, and at last the highest amount of earnings you can ever make through ethical hacking! Scroll down your screen and start to read the content for grasping all this knowledge and information.

What is Ethical Hacking and what are the subjects to learn it?

Lets suppose about you are hired by any technical or IT company and gives you a piece of software they have made. You care then asked to check for any kind of issues or security holes through which the functioning inside it can be pierced and controlled. This can be cracking the payment forms from the software so as to collect all of the credit card entries or so on. There can be many other ways in which the security of the given software can be broken. Your work as a company employee is to check for those security holes, breaks and report them to the company itself. This is just an exapmle to give you brief instructions about what ethical hacking is, you being hired by the company is working as an ethical hacker.

The ethical hacker is given access to the software, systems, networks, applications, etc, and are asked to find the errors. Ethical hackers do keep on working to find the culprits doing the black hat hacking on the internet and hence provide the wholesome protection in all. Think about how many types of networks, websites, applications, softwares are there on the globe. All of these require a dedicated teams of ethical hackers so as to prevent the attacks and also to maintain the security. For the position of ethical hacker there are innumerable vacancies that arises each year in the most popular multi national companies around the globe.

Certified Ethical Hacking- The certification letting you become Ethical Hackers

First comes the knowledge of how to begin as an ethical hacker and create your designation being an ethical hacker. So if you have been in touch with learning hacking right from your secondary education then you are perfect to go for the further courses related to this part of education. Certified ethical hacker or CEH is the exam held worldwide that aims to teach, discover and certify the qualifying people as ethical hackers. This certification is valid for period of 5 years and the person can try in any company or MNC for the position of ethical hacker. Without this certification you cannot proceed as an ethical hacker. This certification course costs around 600 dollars and the course runs for approx 30 days. Remember that you should only try this course after gaining enough knowledge and experience in hacking techniques and field. You can join various institutes for learning the hacking concepts or you can even learn this through the various online courses and database.

Check this- CEH Certification Online

How Much do Ethical Hackers Make or Earn- Average Salary Rate

The Average salary rate for any ethical hacker is about 20 dollars to 30 dollars per hours. This can reach upto 300 to 400 dollars per hour. Note that there are no such limits for earnings in ethical hacking and hackers can ask as much as depending on the complexity of the tasks. Meanwhile 300 dollars is not a bad rate at all and all that for working only one hour!

Verdict about How Much Do Ethical Hackers Make

Everything in this world requires practice and hard work so as to gain excellence, same is with the ethical hacking, more you will dig into the depths of technical terms and techniques more better hacker you will be. Keep on learning and seeking for the mistakes in the security scripts and you can some day be able to pierce through even the highly secure networks or the systems. In turn to reveal the security hole you can be rewarded lots of money!! Think of the hacker who secured the world from the Ransomware attack, you can still check on the internet about his reward for doing so, it is something double than the yearly earnings of any average working man…Period.

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