Major Reasons to Use WordPress Over Other Platforms for the Website

Since the release of WordPress, 27 May 2003, the creation of websites became exceptionally easier. Now it is 17 long years this platform is into existence and millions of active users are utilising this amazing CMS. These long years have gained WordPress so many new features and abilities that everyone has started to shift to WordPress for creating even the complex sites. Large websites like E-commerce, Job portals, Business sites are easy to create through this amazing CMS.

Still, many new users around the world have a question in their mind, whether or not to use the WordPress! It is obvious as there is a rush of so many quality CMS on the internet that anyone could get confused in making the wise choice. There are strong reasons that makes WordPress far better than any other CMS or website making platforms that are extremely helpful in long run. In this post, we are to discuss about those major reasons why everyone should use WordPress over any other CMS so as to create their website. Read on to know those reasons.

WordPress Is Not a New Comer

It is really important to switch or use the platform that has some good past efforts and is reliable. WordPress is definitely not a new comer on which any doubts could be raised, as stated in the beginning this platform is being used by millions since 2003. Thus, it is sure that this CMS is reliable, would not get broken in future as frequent updates ensure the assistance by their back end support in future.

Also, in all these years WordPress has been extremely developed to handle every sort of tasks, functions and website data without any errors. Think about You created a new website with any CMS and you are shocked to know that your website do not collects the data properly and is keeping on slowing down with time, or it has been hacked! At that time you would definitely curse the CMS used. But, no need to worry if you are using WordPress- It is perfect in all. Remember to follow up the precautions and proper working with WordPress to prevent the issues (This would be most probably your mistake if WordPress Gets any issues).

WordPress is Available Free of Cost

All major hosting services are providing the option to install WordPress in One click for free. Every users can install the WordPress manually even if it is not available with their hosting service. It is free and will always remain free which means going for it is best choice.

It is free but carries all the advance features found in the world class CMS platforms. Users with low budget needs not to worry as creating even the complex and feature rich websites is simpler with this CMS.

Customizing Websites is Easy with WordPress

Are you a non coder? Have no knowledge of how to create websites? Need not to worry as WordPress is made for users who are new to creating websites. Plugins and Themes directory of the WordPress consists of tons of amazing extensions and templates that could be installed to add any feature as well as designing to your website.

There are themes available for almost any sort of website like blog, news magazine, eCommerce, real-estate, etc. Woo-commerce is a top notch plugin that adds all the features and control panel of a full fledged E commerce website. There are paid plugins too that are much superior and adds high end abilities to the website as the ease of just one single click.

Change the design of pages, menu, template at any time through drag and drop builders making it instantaneous to update the sites. No aid required from the costly web developers or companies!

WordPress Sites are Easy to Manage and Rank on Search Engines

It is way difficult to do the SEO on custom websites but using the WordPress ir becomes quick to modify all the SEO requirements. Meta tags, title tags, Alt tags and adding all the additives for SEO is really easy. Managing the data on WordPress is very handy and any user could do it in matter of hours for the large database.

The back-end code of the WordPress is responsive, SEO friendly as well as loads faster. Check on Google and you shall end up finding 60% of highly ranked websites that are made with WordPress itself.

Safest CMS Ever- Hackers Keep Away!

It is not easy to get into the WordPress website and hack it, Hacker know it really well. There is almost no broken hole in the whole system that would get any space to the hackers to get inside and destroy everything. Leakage of website database could be harmful to your business and WordPress have the strongest shields preventing any of those.

Still Afraid? Make use of the superb security extensions like Limit Login Attempts, Wordfence Security, GOTMLS Anti-malware and Brute Force Attack Preventing all the possible hacking attacks.

Verdict for Major Reasons to Use WordPress Over Other Platforms for the Website

No doubts, WordPress is finest of the two worlds and it is a capable CMS through which users can create any sort of websites in few days to weeks. Setting up the website needs no prior knowledge but a simple go through of WordPress guide is enough. Are you willing to create you a professional looking fully functional business website, eCommerce store, listing website, online courses website, membership site or any other sort of website? WordPress is all you need to use. Thanks for reading the post on Tricksdock, remain connected with us for more updated posts and amazing information.

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