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The mobile application is a vital part of our daily life. Without being indulged into deeply we cannot assume our day to be function properly. Millions of applications already made their contribution to raising the standard of technological aspects via the android operating system. The application covers all the basic elements or daily needs of any regular person and enhanced it with technological features to easily accessible route and fix particular bugs in every update. From billing to food delivery work, android apps make them all interested and also closed the barrier for purchasing via black money. The most complicating situation is to make all amazingly featured application into one list but we finally divided into categories and choose any best application which is full of innovation and even most downloaded/popular among users in markets. Listed below are the applications that majorly awe you in 2019 and in 2020 too with their amazing updates and versions. Every application available in Google Play Store where you can download it and give your valuable feedbacks/ratings.

Money Transition — GOOGLE PAY

Critically most significant apps in the list which claimed to be the most used and trending app in 2019. Google Pay thrashed the black money retailers and customers with their online transaction formula. Beginning of card era which blocked the normal standard of doing cash transaction which allowed Google Pay to shine and spreads its legs in the highly effective market by fulfilling every basic need of customers related to any money transaction like billings, tv/mobile recharges, plane/bus tickets, transferring money and movie/parks tickets. Google Pay always take of their customers by offering rewards and promo-codes. Rewards like 50% off in certain service, Cashbacks in movie/train tickets and promo codes likes for giving heavy discount via bank cards etc.

Music App — SPOTIFY

Fed of being download every music you want to listen to? Check Spotify which is a user-friendly and time consuming app for streaming and downloading music in one search. Spotify revolutionized the online/offline music streaming which might look normal in 2019 but all customers always suffered from paying money to sites for even listening to a song at one time. Spotify offers both online/offline system which is data-consuming, create your playlist and music groups, Download certain music/song and updates related to the genre-based on your preference and language choices. Paid/subscription version of Spotify helps to enhance your daily music listening schedule with no ads disturbance and other amazing services.

Video Streaming App — NETFLIX

Till 2019 internet offers hundreds of video streaming apps like Disney+, Hotstar, Hulu and Netflix, etc. Even e-commerce companies also take a major share in video streaming services like Amazon Prime. Netflix will always being the major and popular option when comes to choose any video streaming and this is due to its vast options in movies and shows. Netflix also produced its movies and shows which gets a great response from users. Dominate every western country, Netflix set the target to capture every Asian market in recent years. Netflix better in offering latest movies/shows, binge watch episodes of certain shows without ads disturbance and being very cheap compared to other video streaming apps with a one-month free trial section offer.

Document/PDF App — WPS OFFICE

Rid of managing all documents and PDFs? Best way to rid of all these headaches is installing WPS office which regulates every office/school project with a proper categorized section. Compatible with MS Excel, Powerpoint, Spreadsheets and project’s presentation in a single application. Includes various other aspects like PDF reader, editor, converter, document manager and file sharing features. Supports data encryption and easily access with multi-window mode. Via cloud platform user can easily save their important documents while connected to the online drive. It also offers to create pivot tables, pie charts, and advanced level spreadsheets. Easy to excess and helping recover desktop data.

Food Delivery App — ZOMATO

Tried or feel lazy to make food in homes and want to rid of restaurant expensive charges? Try food delivery via Zomato. Zomato has not their food preparing chain instead they linked with various hotels and restaurant and deliver food to the users. Easy to proceed with simple steps like searching for a favorite restaurants according to your comfort and location. Choose your menu and finally submit it. The transaction will be done both in an online and offline way based on your preference. Zomato always offers big discounts on the special eve which regularly notified by special messages and advertisements. Restaurants and food have the proper information, location, cost, and reviews before finalizing your food. Book any particular restaurant with discounts and amazing food offers. Zomato Gold offers heavy discounts to their listed premium customers who might be great for regular ones. The first 5 food delivery charges get a 50% discount.

Verdict for Mobiles Application: Trending and Must Owned Apps

Above listed mobile applications are well organized and user-friendly which gives huge benefits from free to paid customers. We covered the remaining section/categories in the next content which we discuss later. We did not take any sponsorship from above-listed companies as this is our feedback without indulging into advertising the particular application. Stay tuned for more updates and always visit Tricksdock for getting highly effective content related to SEO, WordPress, Technology, and Businesses.

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