Most Important Terminologies in SEO or Search Engine Marketing


SEO(Search Engine Optimization) helps to rank your website in Google with On-page and Off-page SEOs operate with white hat SEO technique. Our users might have heard or had full information regarding these two above mentioned terms and its working process in detailed which is also available on our website too but there are several terms related to SE0s which are hard to define in one article. So we provide you the culmination of highly useful and informative terminologies falls in SEO categories which helps you to know fully about SEOs. We used limited terms this time but several terminologies will upload from time to time in future years.


California based company is an associated subsidiary of popular e-commerce website ‘Amazon’. It helps to figure out the web traffic commercially and analyze every detailed aspect related to charges. For getting the best data, one’s website rank should be between 1-2 lakh. Alexa has its official website to check the particular website’s Alexa rank. Alexa rank shows other significant factors like Bounce rate, customer’s time visit and daily page views via the organic method. Alexa rank shows ranking at both international and national levels.
Conclusion: a Most important method for analyzing your website and suggestions for ranking higher.



These Links mainly allows the user and search engine i.e bots to access the same page or blog on websites. Do follow tells about the status of any particular page.

SYNTAX- <ahref=””>Text</a> (Default)
or <a href=””rel=”do follow”>Text</a>


Follow links mainly allows the user to access certain web page but not for web spiders or bots. Several links which available in your website content but refers to other websites like Wikipedia and Amazon etc. These no-follow links disconnected the search engine spiders when they entered certain links but users can easily access for further query.

SYNTAX- <a href=””rel=”nofollow”>Text</a>


Google penalized certain websites by downgrading or permanently removed from google page is termed as Black-list Websites. Websites that ranked with the black Hat SEO and spamming techniques forced Google to penalized your websites. Recovery of these websites is hard enough even with white Hat SEO. To Check this situation, one must search with domain URL in google’s homepage and if the website seems properly shown in Google then blacklist probability ended. Default in backlinks, thin and plagiarism content with wrong execution of On and off-page SEOs in particular websites. Down-grade in google page rank also linked with Black-list websites.


Mostly users un-heard of Grey hat SEO. Grey hat SEO is the third type of SEO which a culmination of 95% white Hat SEO and 5% of Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO the best method for sustaining your website on google page but takes much time compared to Black Hat SEOs. Its nearly impossible to rank your website with White Hat SEO only. Grey Hat SEO allows to rank your website much faster than white Hat and also protect from penalizing the websites from Google.


Implies several URLs for similar web page and content which creates problems for google search engine’s spiders to read the given content properly and in result Google spiders penalized the website. Canonicalization refers to duplicate content used in similar or other domain websites and managed to tell google search engines to checked every Similiar content differently to protect from penalizing the website.

SYNTAX — <link rel=”canonical” href=””>

It is basically the master page of all similar content. Google search engine will always treat this page as the original one without being culminated with other similar content on particular websites. Always coded properly with canonical syntax in every page that relates to other similar content.


Advertisers bid on certain online selling products via clicking certain ads. PPC helps in increasing the sales majorly by generating good leads and reaches only to target customers. Companies which have higher bidding price on certain keywords in every search engine available allowed placing their ads. Google ads help to get the best effective product sales by placed product ads on the upper front page depends upon locality, bidding price and reviews of particular product/business. Several other ads with lower bidding prices opt to settle in middle and bottom positions in Google which also beneficial to the production companies. Any product company sets its ads tenure from days to months depends upon its value of bidding price.


Verdict for Most Important Terminologies in SEO or Search Engine Marketing

Stepping into the SEO field? These terminologies will surely help you know the various processes in SEO. While you have started doing the search engine optimization then these terms would also let you remember or quote and store the work done under all the processes in each of the terminologies. Keep on looking for even more terms as this would help to know better of the tasks and quickly call it whenever needed. Thanks for reading on this page, Tricksdock needs your support to keep on working for updating the informative content. 

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