SEO: Creating Backlinks and Discussing their Types

Backlinks play a vital role in ranking websites via Off-page Optimization. Backlinks termed as the incoming links coming from a third party website which helps to create a chain and depending upon your quality of those certain links Google ranked certain website and gives preference to your website irrelevant the higher quantities of backlinks submitted by other competitors on their website. Before deeply indulged into backlinks, the field you have to know about all the terms related to backlinks.


Valuable and higher equity contained links that pass from one webpage to others which creates a chain. Chain always been derived from the higher ranked website for getting better result and Google nowadays gives preference to similar content-driven websites.

For eg — Tricksdock should have their link juice derived from a higher ranked website and which have technical content in their websites. This combination helps to create a powerful yet significant tool for ranked your website.


Creating any default links classified as DO-follow links. It allows both users and Google bots to read and crawl respectively every webpage segments and there is no restriction in any area if owner classified it as Do-follow links.

Syntax for do-follow links { <ahref=””>Text</a> (Default)
or <a href=””rel=”do follow”>Text</a>}


Allowing users to read the certain page but disallow or restricted the Google bots to crawl certain pages classified as No-follow links. Pages that contain no information i.e 404 error and webpages with external links are examples of no-follow links which is not useful for bots to crawl and they misguided instantly which can damaged your reputation and drastically downgrade your Google rank.

Syntax for no-follow links {<a href=””rel=”nofollow”>Text</a>}


Links that connect particular webpages internally without changing website domain which is beneficial to your website only termed as Internal links. On the other hand, links that connect a particular website to other website externally by changing the domain address and always been beneficial to external link’s website termed as External links. Links should be categorized and relatable properly for ranking your website.


General hyperlinks that mainly depends and related to particular keywords that define particular content and website termed as Anchor text. Anchor text will be beneficial to rank particular keywords by which your website also ranked well in future years.

Most Effective Ways of Submitting Backlinks


Websites related to government activities and any authorized school/college/institute with EDU and GOV extension in their domain URL. Edu/Gov extension sites offer trust and high domain authority to any particular websites due to its administrative works done on a larger scale. Google always preferred to those websites who have your links in their domains or generally have link juice with your website which is very rare and tough to create. But it’s a single link that can easily help your website’s ranking in Google.


Highly skilled editors of a certain newspaper, blogs, media and organization mention or link your website in their content and article organically termed as Editorially Links. These links generate high-quality content with fresh or related ideas that editors want to show to their visitors via your website. Big newspapers like Times and magazines like Forbes generates editorially links which gives Google a healthy sign to ranked your website.


Business-related to your content but not entirely generated niche links which have high domain authority and also gives qualitative backlinks. For eg — Mobile software company/website provides niche links to the mobile hardware companies which have the same targeted audiences but they never be competitors and both get customers when you generate their links into your website.


Most valuable links to acquired due to the cut-throat competition in a similar field. Links acquisition from your equally high competitive website required highly skilled employees and amazingly influenced content. Users regularly visits your websites and influence with your content can easily generate links in their particular website/content if they have any termed as niche forum links.


Social bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Medium, Reddit and Digg which have high domain authority and user base can generate links to your website or you can submit your post regularly. Thousands of social media sites available on the internet but carefully checked only the high domain authority websites which can give powerful links to your websites and if they find you’re content powerful then they automatically give your link on their website which may be rare.


Questions and answers to each query which you think rise in visitor’s mind which can be very useful to the users and they create amazingly great links to your website. Quora is the best platform for submitting your queries with the solution to your particular content and Quora have a great reputation to boost certain websites with relatable and significant queries in their database.


Images added with original content and submitted to Infographics websites helps to gain traffic and boost your website. Designing of images should be the first step with writing relatable content which may be any queries, facts, information, and trivia, etc. Users always preferred to check certain infographics before visiting a particular website.


Business directories which helps to sell any particular product via website can generate highly dominate authority links. You can easily submit your website in classified websites which are easily available on internet. Webpages which requires only domain directory of your websites termed as directory submission websites, it always an easy and basic step for rank your website but with high domain authority with higher Alexa ranked websites only helped to get an effective link.


Writing for any particular website as a third party blogger and submit your links into their domain or by contact to get permission for submitting your links to their website. Guest blogging has always been controversial an argument among SEO aspirants which might feel it is the wrong and out-dated way to get links. But getting links from a high domain authority website always helps to boost your website naturally.


A field like Podcast and Youtube allows you to spoke about your particular website and express your ideas in it. Both ways help to gain users and easy to submit your website into their description which maybe the future of submitting backlinks naturally and most effectively.

Verdict for SEO: Creating Backlinks and Discussed their Types

Creating backlinks always needs patience and regularity. To get effective and natural backlinks for your website then always concentrate on the domain authority and Alexa rank of particular websites. White Hat Seo always helps to rank your website naturally. Google always prefers Quality backlinks over the quantity of backlinks. Content should always be your priority which is above from creating effective backlinks too. Content ideas should be original which forced highly domain sites to automatically get your links in their sites. Paid backlinks majorly not fall in a natural way which can help to rank in the first level but then Google heavily penalized your website which might be hard to recover. Thanks for visiting our website Tricksdock! .

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