SEO Guide: Optimizing the Robots.txt in WordPress Admin

Setting up the Robots.txt file for any website is the most important thing for boosting the search engine appearance as well as deciding which all pages must be crawled. The search engine bots would not decide what elements and regions of the website are to be crawled but it happens to move through the whole website. Think about the crawling as really vital aspect and wasting the power of crawl on those useless pages like 404 error page, search page or the various elements of the website won’t be helpful. If the Robots.txt file is placed inside the website then it defines the crawling engines to only put the power on testing the specific website pages, taxonomies, categories. When the Robots.txt file is highly optimized it then helps in increasing the overall site optimization or SEO. WordPress by default do not have the fully optimized Robots.txt file and the user have to implement all the preferable changes manually. Indeed, there is no robots.txt file inside the WordPress in actual but the plugins like All In One SEO and Yoast SEO adds this feature. Grab the knowledge from our experts to set up the fully optimized robots.txt file inside the WordPress so as to make your site outperform and show perfectly on various search engines. The total information to optimizing Robots.txt file as per the experts is given here on the page, scroll down the screen and grasp the data.

What are the uses of Robots.txt file?

As you all might be aware that the Google checks any website, Index it and then give it a position ranking after crawling that site using the two different bots named- Google Desktop Bot & Google Smartphone Bot. These bots need some direction for which pages and folders of the website should be crawled and hence indexed. The only use of the Robots.txt is to direct those Google bots to crawl or not to crawl every defined folders and files in the root.

Let’s consider the PHP scripts and the Admin panel of the website, it is not required to index those folders and scripts at all. Who shall wish to let those admin files and panels get crawled and indexed? Obviously, no one! Thanks to the Robots.txt file that overrides the need to add the Nofollow and Noindex Meta tags to all of the pages inside any folder and hence prevents the bots from going through those all in just a simple step.

It is highly recommended to set up the fully optimized Robots.txt file so as to prevent the Google bots or any other search engine bots to pass through those useless scripts or folders you do not wish to be indexed or seen. WordPress by default is not having any robots file added to it but the user needs to add it manually. The users can either place the robots.txt file into their host manually or they can use the plugin to make it much easier. Yoast SEO and All In One SEO are two best plugins that provide the ability to add this file and allows editing it.

Using All In One SEO Free Plugin

Extend the functionality of this plugin by enabling the Robots.txt mod that is included with this plugin. Once the mod is enabled anyone can see the robots.txt option under the Plugin name on the right side of the WordPress dashboard. Go to the option by clicking on it and there will be a page showing all those options to add the values to the file or edit and remove all.

“*” is the root folder path described to the Robots.txt. After defining the path the user either need to Allow or Disallow the files and folders inside that path.

Disallow means that you are disabling the access to those files or folders and don’t let it indexed in any ways.
Allow means you want the search engines and bots to follow that path and crawl that area of the website.

Now what should be the best structure for the Robots.txt on WordPress?

Check out the basic structure that should be followed yet the modifications and addups should be done without denying it.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php


Note that each of the sitemap like RSS sitemap, XML sitemap, Feed Sitemap should be added to the end of the file as in the above example.

In this example the wp-admin folder is disallowed whereas one of the file “admin-ajax.php” inside the folder is allowed. Now add every page and folder you wish to be allowed or disallowed from your site.

Remember that any page disallowed in the robots file won’t be indexed by the search engines and these would not be traced at all. If you are to rank any page of the site then you should and you must Allow it in the robots file. This file must be submitted to the search consoles for getting the benefits completely and beware of the huge effects of this file- the file made incorrectly could cause your whole website appearance to the search engines!

Verdict for SEO Optimizing the Robots.txt in WordPress Admin

Once anyone gets familiar with some of the formats used inside Robots.txt file, they could therefore easily Allow or Disallow everything over the website thus carve the proper path for the search engine crawling. To get an additional score in SEO, the website must contain this particular file along with the sitemap. Redirect the crawling bots to the sitemap via the robots.txt and make it even more easier to get the different pages or posts indexed on the WordPress site. Don’t just expect the changes within a day or two on the search engines but it could take some time to show the effects of the Robots.txt optimization. How has this optimization helped your website? You can write about it through the comments section below. Tricksdock thanks you for reading on this page, stay in touch with the website or subscribe to the newsletter to read more new informational posts!

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