SEO Safety Measures and Dont’s for Best White Hat Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the way to grow the position of any website or webpage in the search results of various search engines. SEO is done by carrying out many combined tasks and activities that in return help to gather more traffic to the website or grow the domain authority. It finally results in the wholesome growth of the website or the keyword position in search results. Now there are three different kinds of SEO activities that the people use to bring their website on the top positions, first one is White Hat SEO and others are Grey Hat SEO/Blackhat SEO. White Hat SEO consists of all the positive activities and work processed in a direction to achieve the growth slowly and steadily. While both Grey Hat and Black Hat forms of SEO are the ways of getting any website on the top of the search results with malware and suspicious work. These negative forms of SEO do work and definitely raises the site ranking furiously but the growth tends to happen only till the intelligent search engine bots do not recognize it. Once the bots could recognize the black hat or grey hat SEO work is done on any website- The Penalty Strikes Back! Thus, there is a quick fall down of the website rankings as well as the domain authority. Remaining away from the bad SEO work should be known even if white hat SEO work is being processed, this is to prevent the site from any mishap (Penalty) striked due to some spam work found in your activities. So there is the list of all Don’t that everyone working on white hat SEO must resist and care about so as to prevent from unknowingly done mistakes that could affect the site growth and rankings.

1. Cybersquatting/Domain Squatting

The first thing that any SEO specialist would check is the domain name. He/she would check for any trademarked words in the domain or for the banned keywords used in the domain. If the domain name consists of any of these trademarked words or the banned keywords then it becomes really hard to rank that website. This is the first and foremost important don’t for getting the best results out of the SEO.

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How can anyone solve the domain name issue?

Try to change the domain name of the website and transfer all of the website content to a new correct domain. Do it before starting the SEO process as all of the SEO pointing to the previous domain would be lost. It would be better to find any domain that is completely unique, short and is easy to read. There must not be any meaningful word in the domain but it can be anything that helps to recognize your website well- For eg.

2. Spam Backlinks

One of the major reasons why the websites get a slap down from the search engines is the use of the spam backlinks. There are tons of spam websites on the internet today and many of those offer the users to list their website or content for backlinks. All of the backlinks that are created from the spam sites would thereafter cause the site rankings. Spam backlinks might not be created with intention because it is hard to judge the spam sites every time. Any site user must find out the spam backlinks pointing to their site as there are chances that many would be existing.

Negative SEO attacks done to any website can also create thousands of spam backlinks in a few hours that can shred the value of the site. Keeping an eye over the spam backlinks is really important to prevent the attacks as well as to optimize the site for search engine rankings. SEMrush, Ahrefs, Spyfu are some of the best-paid SEO tools to check all of the backlinks pointing to any site. The quality score of any backlinks given by these paid tools can help to guess the spam backlinks!

How can anyone remove the spam backlinks?

To get the best output from the SEO done to any website, remove the spam backlinks and stop working further on those spam websites. Getting rid of the Negative SEO is a hectic task as the user needs to identify all those spam backlinks created through the attack and remove them all. Google webmaster comes with “Disavow” tool to provide the list of all spam backlinks and the Google search engine would not take those backlinks into consideration.

Another way to remove spam backlinks is by submitting the request to all of the spam websites for the same, deleting the content/links (With backlinks) over those sites or removing the accounts on those suspicious websites having the links pointing to the website.

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3. Broken Links

Broken links on the website really hurt the SEO, therefore, it is important to find and repair all of the broken links on the website or webpage. There are several paid and free tools online that could be used to find the broken links on any website. Seek for all those broken links and add the internal or external links in place of those links. All of the SEO juice could get wasted through those broken links on the website and the site cannot be optimized completely.

4. Plagiarized Content

The content is the major aspect of any website and the quality of content effectively determines the search engine rankings. Any website with plagiarized or copied content can actually be penalized by the search engines or the site rank growth would not happen evenly. Again it is not always true that the plagiarized content is induced by intentions, this can happen to occur anonymously on any website. It is better to get rid of the plagiarized content to get the best out of the SEO.

How to check plagiarism of content?

Copyscape is one of the best online tools that helps to compare each and every line of the content with thousands of other webpage contents on the internet so as to find the copied or plagiarism content. Simply put in the URL of the webpage and run this tool, any possible plagiarized contents or the similar content would appear in the results. Having a Copyscape passed content on the website is not as difficult as a proper inspection and unique content writing are only required. Anyways, if some kind of plagiarism appears in the content the user must change the content and quickly get rid of that content similarities.

5. Backlinks Overdose

Creating backlinks is very important while doing the search engine optimization of any website but a large number of backlinks in a short period of time can even affect the site growth. Creating up to 500-2000 backlinks per day are considered as normal by the various search engines but in case if anyone is going beyond that limit then the bots are bound to hamper the site rank growth.

Backlinks overdose can kill the site in a few days only, therefore, the practice of making the quality backlinks must be done within the limits. And remember that backlinks number are not always the factor to get the high keyword ranks but the quality of the backlinks do matter a lot more than the number. Always apply all the efforts and consume as much time to create only the high-quality backlinks.

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6. Keyword Stuffing

Densely fitting the focused keyword into the content just for the purpose of gaining more interest by the search engines does not work in actual. It is always better to write the content naturally while putting two to three focused keywords all over in the content. Try to sprinkle the LSI and similar keywords (To focus keywords) in the content.

Remain away from keyword stuffing and try to create high-quality content for the readers if the best SEO results are needed.

7. Bad Keywords/Unrelated Keywords

Keywords should not be outdated or unrelated while having only a few monthly searches. Try to do the intense keyword researching before finalizing the perfect keywords for the content. Write the content on those best-researched keywords only and try to perform all of the SEO tasks using those perfect keywords only. Bad keywords cannot grab the best results from the SEO and the traffic cannot be increased by ranking those bad and unrelated keywords.

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8. Black Hat SEO/Grey Hat SEO

There are several techniques that are preferred for the Black Hat and Grey Hat forms of SEO. Must get about those bad SEO techniques so that you can prevent from utilizing those in your work. Anyone while searching for the SEO techniques can end up finding the black hat or grey hat forms of SEO techniques. Therefore those bad techniques could be unknowingly implemented for the optimization of the site. It in return could affect the site, this is best to first know about all of the bad SEO techniques so that the prevention can be done.

9. Bad Hosting

Cheap hosting or the Bad hosting is never going to help your site gain the top rankings as the performance of hosting servers really matters in SEO. Either upgrade your hosting or shift to the best hosting service providers so as to place the website content on the ultimate performing servers. Better hosting doubles the benefits of SEO work and hence helps to get the website on the top position in few months time.

10. Copied Images

Never ever place the copied images on your website- rather try to find out the free images on the internet. Do not search the images on the internet and download any image for placing on your site. Copied images can easily dump the site deep in the search results. Pixbay and Free stock images are some of the online spots to find the free images related to your website content. Always try these free sources to find the best images for your website!

Verdict for SEO Safety Measures and Dont’s for Best Optimization

Get your site approved by the intelligent bots and retain your position gained through the hard work on SEO by preventing from all those Don’ts. It is really easy to maintain a strong position in the search engines or to get the site reach to the top rank but the user will only need to follow the positive work done in the accurate direction. Overdoing the SEO tasks cannot grow the site ranking overnight but it could adversely affect the site- These are some of the tips and ways to remain safe while ongoing SEO. Not to worry if you have got your site down because of the Don’ts that you were unknowingly following in your work, it is easier to get back the site through removing the bad work material from all over the internet from the website. Have you liked the information on this page? Please let us know through writing to us using the discussion box. Sharing this post would help us improve- We assure we would come back with more such great information. Tricksdock thanks you for reading on this page!

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