SEO Techniques: How to Build High-Quality Backlinks for Free

Backlinks are the only way to prove the search engines that your website is valuable enough and should be placed on the top of the results page. High-quality backlinks decide the more flow of SEO juice to the site and thus let the search engine algorithms find it more relevant. The quantity of the backlinks also matters a lot and it is the aspect that all the SEO executives or freelancers find difficult. It is easy to build backlinks but when the number of backlinks is in charge of winning the position in competition- It takes a lot of time to research for the new websites, directories, guest blogging sites where the backlinks could be created. Fortunately, there are so many ways to create tons of high-quality backlinks for SEO. Read on to find out those best ways as are listed below.

1. Request Blogs for Backlinks

Guest blogging is a widely used method to gain backlinks in SEO. There needs to focus on smart ways to gain guest blogs posted on related sites for free. Look for the growing websites and blogs that you find could accept your content and give you the backlinks. Simply, do research and make a list of all those websites or blogs. Contact them with an offer where you provide them 500-1000 words content to grab a lifetime backlink in return. Send them emails, message or even contact them overcall if possible. There are high chances that these site owners would tend to provide you with backlinks.

2. Create Image Backlinks

Image backlinks are the best and high-quality backlinks that could easily provide exceptional growth to the website along with worthy traffic. The flow of traffic makes even more chances that your site gets popular among the users. Therefore, try to create the images relevant to your website and then keep on sharing those images along with the backlink to your site. There are 100+ image sharing sites that you could utilize for the same purpose. Canva, Photoshop, GIMP are some easy to use tools to help you create the images. Do not use the exact images from the internet or you would be detected very easily.

3. Forum Backlinks

Sites, where users participate actively and publish either questions or answers along with knowledgeable content, are known as forums. These forums are high traffic sources and often provide extremely valuable backlinks to the site or any page of the website. Look after for the most popular forums like Quora, Yahoo, etc, and start working by answering questions, providing knowledgeable content or information.

4. Document Sharing

Create documents in Wordpad with any relevant information, Add Links inside the document that would, therefore, act like backlinks later on. Share these DOC files to as many sharing sites as you can. There are abundant websites available on the Internet made for DOC sharing purpose and SEO purposes. Know that these sorts of backlinks obtained by sharing the DOC files could quickly rank your site on the selected keywords you are working on.

5. Comment Backlinks

The easiest way to get lots of medium quality backlinks includes comment backlinks. Find out the websites, social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, and then start commenting with relevant content adding the Backlink alongside. It is said that this kind of backlinks does not work but if you try it then it still provides the essence of growth to the site and certain traffic through the links.

Verdict for SEO Techniques: How to Build High-Quality Backlinks for Free

Utilize the techniques now and take over the competition quickly through ranking your website by building tons of high-quality backlinks. Contextual backlinks are the best way to get the highest quality backlinks- It even helps to direct the traffic to the website. Everyone is getting the chance to post their content on Tricksdock for lifetime backlinks and credits. Just write the best content on any of the topics related to WordPress, SEO, Earn Money Online, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and other IT categories and send it to [email protected] for approval. Once approved, the content would be posted on the site for a lifetime and the URL shall be reverted. I hope that you liked the information on this page, keep following this site to get more updates. Thanks for reading on Tricksdock!

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