WordPress Guide: Complete Information of All Features(Part-2)


WordPress is the most popular content management system used to excess various dynamic websites. Without indulged in complicated HTML Tags, anyone can easily publish and create their own web-pages/contents by following easy steps. Launched in 2003 as the b2/cafelog project operating software initially and thereafter gain huge users and traffics daily for creating certain websites for their respective fields like businesses and entertaining purposes. Additional plugins and features are easy to proceed by any beginners with go through at one time. Features like publish and creating various contents with proper guidelines and options from meta tags to descriptions, better customization options for any content, Adapt any website theme and look, huge sets of plugins which help users to easily operate the website with fun and easy export-import of certain data. As we already explained basic features in part-1 of WordPress, please read it and then come here for other extremely useful features about WordPress.

PERMALINKS: Brief Information

Sub categorized directory used in the main URL termed as Permalink. For eg — https://www.tricksdock.com/contact-us in which ‘contact us’ falls in Permalink category which always is used correctly according to Google algorithm. Seo-friendly permalinks always preferred than stuffed URLs. For changing the settings related to permalink is discussed below —

  • 1. Go to WordPress Dashboard and select settings from the left bar.
    2. Permalink settings opened with various options like Plain( URL with post id), Day and Time( if user want to mention particular date and time for that post in their URLs), Month and Name( mentioned month and name in their post’s URLs), Numeric( use numerical value), Post name( only post name will include in permalink) and custom structure( adding combinations of date/time/month/post name together in permalinks).
    3. Save selected options and refresh the website page for results.
    4. Below the Optional section introduced the category base and Tag base.
    5. Category and tags should be mentioned properly for better used and save changes.
    6. For selective permalink changes in a certain post, select any page and click on edit. Go to the right bar and find permalink and write any permalink you want to show with a certain post.

TITLES AND LOGO: Changed with WordPress

  • 1. Go to WordPress Dashboard, select appearance and go to customize option.
    2. Go to site identity and select the logo option. Choose any uploaded file and properly cropped according to your website. See Preview and publish it.
    3. For change Favicon. Select the change icon option from the site identity section below the logo. Select any favicon and publish it.
    4. You can easily change the site title and taglines changed with respective options.

WIDGETS: Brief Explanation

All extra included fields and options are shown in the website termed as Widgets like recent search and comment etc.

  • 1. Go to appearance and select Widgets option from the WordPress Dashboard.
    2. Delete certain widgets from sidebar options which already built in your website.
    3. Shift widgets by simply moving your left click.
    4. Add any options like video/images and audio etc.
    5. Changes in the footer also available which will be added and delete according to your site.

EDITOR CHANGES: Block to Classic Editor

Default editor classified as Gutenberg editor which might be changed with a classic editor for a better user experience. Classic editors offer better fonts, paragraphs options with texts and structure.

  • 1. Go to WordPress Dashboard and go to plugins options. Add new and select classic editor.
    2. Click and Install it.
    3. Activate it and go to settings and select classic editor.
    4. Select a certain post and edit it with the classic editor.

RSS FEED: Access and Information

Web feed which allows users to access certain information, news and other websites’ data classified as RSS feed.

  • 1. Go to Google homepage and search certain keyword like ‘football RSS feed URL’
    2. Select any particular website and choose any section of football you want your access or shown in your website like scores, news, gossips, and match schedules.
    3. Go to WordPress Dashboard and choose to add a new plugins option.
    4. Choose an RSS feed and install it properly.
    5. Select shortcode from RSS after installation and select a certain post in which you want to add an RSS feed for your users.
    6. Paste the shortcode in a certain post.
    7. Delete RSS main URL and paste your football RSS feed in the main header of the URL.
    8. certain aspects like items(numbers used as RSS feed), read_more which should be true to user-readable, thumbnail and cache( time duration).
    9. Update it and check your certain post section for checking RSS feed.

Verdict for WordPress Guide: Complete Information of All Features(Part-2)

WordPress always allows website owners for writing and build their websites with ease. We discussed important basic features in the above content regarding WordPress in detailed stepwise. We will upload much content ahead in the future for giving basic to advanced level study about WordPress. Any related questions to this content user must inbox via email-id and comment section. Thanks for visiting our website and stay tuned for more updates!.


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WordPress Guide: Complete Information of All Features(Part-2)

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